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GW2 is a new game but it is a great game.We all wait for it for a long period already. But GW2  deserve our waiting. TOPGW2GOLD has one team to works on this game so we can provide the fast and smoothy service to you.

By the way,Guild Wars 2 Gems can be used to exchange to Gold and buy some kinds of items in Auction House.

Now we can do Gold trading by Auction House and game mailbox. You just need to put ant items with 5% more gold price(we pay for the trading fee),once we buy the items, you will received gold in bag. But we prefer to mailbox if you dunna mind.


Is the offer to buy GW2 Gold at TOPGW2GOLD legal?
You don’t have to be afraid, it is legal and easy to buy GW2 Gold.

How do I get the GW2 Gold from TOPGW2GOLD? How does the delivery work?

We deliver your GW2 Gold mainly within 15mins after order confirmed.The fastest way to pay is the usage of Paypal, because we receive your payment immediately and can process your order promptly.
The delivery of your GW2 Gold is done in game via auction house or game mailbox.Please contact livechat to completed your delivery after order placed.

Please choose GW2-choose GW-US/EU Server-choose gold ammount to pay-contact livechat to complete order confirmation and delivery more quickly.Guild Wars 2gold can be used on US/EU all server, so do not need to choose what is the exact server here.


-Buy Guild Wars 2 CD Key (Legit Standard CD Key)

-Buy Guild Wars 2 Powerleveling

-Buy Guild Wars 2 Items

-Sell or exchange game gold to us


Please note we never ask gold back after trade completed, be careful with imposters.

Please do not hesitate to leave us your feedback to us for any opinion.


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  • The Weapon Strength Of Guild War...

    Based on the part itself club wars two lake is extremely low, however its physical property is extremely high, is extremely a lot of hurt growth traits, treatment constant of growth curve and auxiliary resolution ability are quite smart, deals with attack, auxiliary, or hybrid, these 3 Build performance every has his sphere.But additionally thanks to the high physical property, while not smart designing,the necromancer, etc. this sort of nonheritable lake combined high career as robust, the standard to?How does one play?

  • Guild Wars 2 Official PVP Reward...

    Recently, the "battle 2" PVP team leader John Corpening posted a blog post, suggesting reward in the next few months will vary PVP system, and gives a series of updates planned, of course, the time when they are formally launched may be subject to amendment, okay let us first advance seems these changes.

  • Diversified Forms Of Battle

    Players can team through random Arena or Arena, carried four on four team sports

  • Guild Wars 2 Will Bring You A Ne...

    Fight for survival ! When you lose all the value of life is dead right, and then to run properly due or to find the bodies of her sister goddesses place the resurrection ? If you still think it is too outdated, " Moribund " will give you the chance to win the game, this is the " Guild Wars 2 " will bring you a new battle concept, fought tenaciously in the resurrection again !

  • The DurMand Religious Residence ...

    The DurMand religious residence in GW two was AN education cluster of scholarship.

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