Revelation guild wars 2 complete map exploration model

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Open FeiHangDian, raised point, complete the quests, believe that many friends in the game to explore the main purpose of the map. But few games will explore map as a major game play, even is the core gameplay, Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold because of the need to have enough clever set to make explorers in exploration way harvest constantly, and the explorers don't let go of any a corner of the map. But guild wars 2 do this, started exploring the game, terry and the explorers terry the world adventure is full of thrilling, everywhere is full of challenge, everywhere is full of opportunities.

In guild wars 2 world, there are so many ways to upgrade, brush strange, task, practice life skills, explore maps, etc., can make you easy to achieve full level. But level is not guild wars 2 the main goal, exploring terry and in the process of the world through a variety of events, harvest joy and experience is the ultimate goal.

For example, in the process of looking at, you will have witness monster conquered town, make you lose supply camp; In you solve the roadside a little strange random trigger after the dynamic event, suffer from monster siege; Suddenly appear in your side to NPC you seek help, need you to escort the safety area; Want to read the map on the high pitched sign, Cheap GW2 Gold they find themselves caught in the jump, and then cause thinking, go what kind of route to reach the destination, and feel happy to bring you endless joy, joy is unlimited, but how to experience, we need you to explore the process of map to grope, to feel.

In guild wars 2, explore map is not mandatory, even if you don't explore map, also can experience the fun of the game, but can be by other play feel guild wars 2 huge connotation.

Explore map achievement is all guild wars 2 fans the most like, also the most attention achievement. Explore a map, need to open the map all the teleporter, Buy GW2 Gold to read all the map fragments, found that all the secrets of the point. Only when you complete all the exploration requirements, they will receive a system to give all kinds of props, help you in terry the world better adventure. Although rewarding, but more people to enjoy the fun in the process of exploration and to explore, reward is second.

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