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"Guild Wars 2" release countdown is getting closer, and I look forward to ArenaNet's MMO heats up. Time of the announcement of the game was released last week, the fans and the critics' attention Guild Wars 2 Gold. The importance of this news has been far more than before the pressure test, so we now turn to the stress test.

Some people may not know much about the stress tests, ArenaNet held a small-scale activities, the current is so pre-order the game players can log on to the game experience for hours. Players who can help test the game server at the same time experience the fun of the game to prepare for smooth when the game is released. The stress tests and before.

Stress tests last and last BWE, ArenaNet released on the territory of the chalcone family a massive world event. Players in some of that area into a rotting organisms. Your appearance will change dramatically when you become a monster, you will add a new set of skills to beat the other players. This skill can be cast, but in running skills effect will lapse, so that you can balance your new skills caused a lot of damage.

The best place of the event is that it occurred in the game's PvE area. Really interesting, I think we are definitely worth a try. Because until recent BEW all PvP in a separate area, some organized PvP mode, and some war mass WvW. In other MMO one thing I enjoy the most is that you can join in PvE area PvP combat. Now I hope to see this feature in "Guild Wars 2".

I can understand that ArenaNet is not open to all regions of the PvP reasons Guild Wars 2 Gold. The main reason is that this model is not in line with the guidelines of the entire game world. All the major races are joint together, not in conflict as in the past, always ready to initiate war. Randomly attacking each other with the players in a team is not very suitable. You can put players on the same map differentiation into two factions attacked each other, so each team will be able to set goals, looks like a dynamic event PvE region PvP no matter much.

Which content is most important is that there must be the story of events. Because the Maronite against several players into a beast-like creature. The monster team must complete command of the Dragon to find a way to spread corruption. Infected players on the shoulder stop corruption spread of the task, the mission is all things to be infected becomes normal Guild Wars 2 Gold. But I do not know if the party to victory in what will happen, because the stress tests on the end of the party wins. When I recall the scale of this event, it does this area and the players have caused some huge impact.

This event there is a benefit of the players are spy gathered together. It opened up the game with a PvE and PvP players, and mutual understanding of each other's game. This new element has been added to the WvW map, so not only can have a large-scale PvP play, can speak to you in PvE exploration and a sense of teamwork to integrate together. Together perfect combination of these two different form of the game, players can try new games are played in a completely strange environment will not perplexed.

The stress test activities are really fun, I am more and more curious ArenaNet is not some good "Guild Wars 2" function hiding. Such creative there are boundless possibilities, and I can not wait to see ArenaNet in the end done. I hope to see this happen again Guild Wars 2 Gold, but I can only wait for the last weekend testing activities. But everything is worth it, at least we can be released in the game before the players Ashura and Xi Waer!

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